numConference TitleDateCity
11st International Joint Conference on New Trends In Biotechnology2017-04-18زاهدان
2The 9th International Chemical Engineering Congress and Exhibition2015-12-25شیراز
3The 5th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts2015-06-07San Diego
4The 8th International Chemical Engineering Congress & Exhibition (IChEC 2014)2014-02-24کیش
58th international chemical engineering congress and exhibition2014-02-24کیش
64th International Microbial Fuel Cells Conference2013-09-01Cairns
73rd International Student Biotechnology Congress2013-05-06تهران
8European International Society for Microbial Electrochemical Technologies Meeting (EU-ISMET)2012-09-26Ghent
9conference on systems biology of mammalian cells2012-07-09لایپزیگ
102012 International Conference on Environment Science and Engieering2012-04-07سنگاپور
117th International Chemical Engineering Congress & Exhibition2011-11-21کیش
12The 7th International Chemical Engineering Congress & Exhibition (IChEC 2011)2011-11-21جزیره کیش
138th World Congress of Chemical Engineering2009-08-23Montreal
14The 57th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference2007-10-28Edmonton
15The 56th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference2006-10-15ُُُُSherbrooke
16The 10th Conference on Biochemical Engineering2005-06-24تایپه
17The 54th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference2004-10-03Calgary